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Play with Easts

Play with Easts

Play with Easts

At East Rugby Union, we have upheld many values over the years that have helped us grow into the leading brand that we are. Yet, we are always on the lookout for talents. There are a lot of benefits to be derived from playing at East Rugby Union, and we have outlined just a few below:


Like every other club, the key to our major aims is to compete and be successful on-field against all other clubs. However, that is only secondary to our goal of creating one of the best environments that will cultivate and foster growth in our players.

The environment and atmosphere we have created at East Rugby Union encourage players to be in their best forms and always strive to be better. There are initiatives within the club to better each player’s capabilities, and the club continues to invest in ensuring that players keep growing themselves in the game.

However, that is just a part of what we offer at East Rugby Union. Apart from helping you grow in the game, we also assist you in all-around life development. At East Rugby, you get to build lasting professional and personal relationships, all in a bid to help you build a rewarding career.


East Rugby Union has a rich history. It is the only foundation club that is still present in the ACT Premier Rugby tournament, and that is a testament to its resilience. Over the years, it has exuded excellence, winning numerous trophies and creating a name as being one of the most important clubs in the game in Australia.

In all these years also, it has produced stars who have gone on to become veterans of the game. Some of these stars came from outside the Australian continent. These alumni have contributed to the development of the game, not only in Australia but also worldwide.

Getting to play with East Rugby is a way for you to be a part of this rich history and legacy. By joining us, you get to walk the path of some great players in the game and potentially become yourself.


Looking to challenge yourself? Then East Rugby is the right place for you. We are a top-flight team with quite an amazing history of succeeding in national tournaments, with accolades to show forth. Nevertheless, we are not resting on our oars, and we strive to better ourselves and break our records. This sets a perfect atmosphere for the right type of challenge. Also, East Rugby Union promises you healthy competition. Being a top-flight club, we invariably are a top attraction for the best talents. Already on the team are some of the best players in Australia. This creates an atmosphere of healthy competition between the players. It also creates a perfect learning opportunity for you.


One of the factors that have kept East Rugby Union in the limelight and have ensured we remain the favourite of our fans is that we are highly community-oriented. We are heavily involved in the development of the game of rugby and other sports in our community. Our efforts have led to the discovery of numerous talents, amongst others. Joining us makes you part of this impact.

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