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Game Day

The Game Day

The Game Day

A lot of our games are played at our home stadium. However, we also go for “away matches,” where we visit the home stadiums of other clubs to be played against them.

For our game lineups, they are usually outlined in the fixtures and announced in the media. However, our fixtures are determined by the specific tournaments and competitions we are involved in at a particular time. Long before the start of an annual season or campaign, the body in charge of each competition releases to the general the fixtures and outlines of the games to be played for that particular campaign.

Each fixture will contain the schedule (that is, the date and time) of the games, the teams playing, and the location. They usually span from the beginning right to the end of that particular season.

Our Competitions

Our Competitions

All through the season, we are usually involved in at least two major competitions at any particular time.

Australian Club Championship

The Australian Club Rugby Championship was created in 1982 as a challenge match between clubs based in the Sydney and Brisbane regions. The championship was paused for quite some time but was brought back in 2006. We have been able to win this championship at least (2) times. 

Achieving Your Beliefs

The Queensland Premier Rugby traces its history to as far back as 1887. It was originally formed out of the various club competitions that were held in Brisbane as of then. Players, coaches, referees, game and tournament administrators, and organisers saw the need to give formality to the then largely instructed and informal club tournaments held in Brisbane. This is partly responsible for the overt domination or emphasis on teams from Brisbane in the Queensland Premier Rugby.

Queensland Premier Rugby organises a non-professional rugby league-like tournament. Currently, there are a total of 9 clubs that are represented in the tournament every season. However, Brisbane features a whopping eight teams out of the nine represented in the league, while Gold Coast features one. This structure has remained so since it was formed back in 1929. 

Other participants include the University of Queensland Rugby Club (also known simply as “Students”), Brothers Old Boys (popularly referred to as “The Filth”), GPS Old Boys (called “Gallopers”), Souths Rugby (otherwise referred to as “Magpies”), Wests Rugby (called the “Bulldogs”), Sunnybank Rugby Club (also called the ” Dragons”), North Brisbane Rugby Club (called the “Eagles”), and Bond University Rugby Club (also referred to as “Bull sharks”).

We currently are the longest-lasting team in the tournament since inception, and we remain the only club still retaining its original identity and structure. At the end of the tournament, the last match is played between leading teams, regarded as the Grand Final.

There are currently talks to ensure that teams from all the other regions where rugby is played in Queensland also enrol in the tournament. This is in a bid to make the tournament much richer, more competitive, and increase its inclusiveness. This will foster excellence in the game in the Queensland region.

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