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Our Facilities

Our Facilities

We are located at Bottomley Park in Coorparoo. Here, we have provided a lot of facilities geared at giving users the best sporting experience. The area also complements these efforts with ample social and commercial facilities.

Sporting Facilities

We have multiple pitches for the game of rugby. These include rugby fives courts and Astro pitches.

However, although we are a rugby team, we believe in general sports development and provide facilities to support this belief. There are sports halls, covering various games such as badminton, basketball, and netball. There are also swimming pools.

The Gymnasium

The overall well-being and health of our players rank top amongst our priorities. Amongst other things, we pay critical attention to their physical health and fitness, to which we have committed sufficient resources. One of how we demonstrate this is through our gymnasium.

The gym is situated at Jerrabomberra Oval, located some 1km on the south side of Griffith Oval. One thing that sets the gym apart from others is that it is properly equipped with the latest body fitness equipment. It is always open all around the year to our players.

However, we don’t just leave our players just to do body fitness. At East Rugby Union, we pay attention to planning and strategy, which also applies to our players’ physical well-being and fitness. We organise bespoke, individual body fitness programs for our players. During these programs, experts work with each player to design fitness regimes specifically tailored towards their needs.

This does not stop there. We have organised and documented quite a comprehensive collection of artefacts and materials that symbolise and tell the history of the club. These include pictures and physical objects that have been significant in the club’s history for over seven decades. The goal of this is to psych our players up and provide all the encouragement and drive they need, even during their fitness sessions.


The Inner South area boasts about a hundred thousand persons and is experiencing rapid urban development. Currently, there are several construction projects ongoing, both for residential and commercial purposes. As a result, one compelling fact that the area boasts of is the ample availability of accommodation options. Thus, you have an array of residential real estate to select from. You can choose from studio apartments, multi-room accommodation, and share-house apartments.

Social and Commercial Facilities

The area is quite an emerging and fast-growing area, and as a result, it is attracting many social and commercial activities and interests. There are a lot of construction works for shopping buildings such as malls all around the area. Many of these have already been completed, while many others are nearing their concluding phases. Due to the burgeoning commercial scene that is fast unfolding, the social arena in the area is also unravelling and taking shape. There are multiple facilities for social interaction, gatherings, and exchanges. There are bars, restaurants, cafes and more.

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