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Easts Reps & Alumni

East Reps And Alumni

East Reps And Alumni

One of the things we prioritise at the Easts Rugby Union is the discovery and development of talents. Over time, we have groomed future stars of the game, many of which have gone on to top-flight tournaments to achieve amazing feats. We outline just a few:

George Gregan

Born George Musarurwa Gregan, Gregan was one of those who could trace their later successes in the game to the foundation they got at Easts Rugby Union. Gregan played his non-professional start in the game at Easts Rugby and later went on to play with Brumbies, where he played at the Super 12. He went on to win multiple awards with the club, both in Australia and abroad.

The Lusaka, Zambian-born star, is regarded as the Australian rugby player with the highest amount of caps on the international scene.

On the international scene, he was part of the Australian national rugby team, in which he once acted as captain. With the team, he has attained the game’s peak globally, having led the team to win the 1999 Rugby World Cup. He jointly holds the record for the most Test appearances of any Australian rugby player in history.

For his exploits, he has bagged several awards within and outside the game. He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of Sport Australia and that of World Rugby. The Australian government also recognised his work, honouring him with a membership of the order of Australia.

Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore is a retired Australian rugby player. He was a veteran player in the Super Rugby and senior leagues. In the Super Rugby, he spent time between the Queensland Reds and the Brumbies and later went on to play for Queensland Country. All this while, he maintained the position of hooker. 

He was active between the years 2005 and 2017. During these years, he represented the Australian national team, serving as captain for as many as 129 matches, one of the highest records. He scored a total of 40 points for the national team.

In commemoration of these feats, he was awarded membership of Order of Australia. 

Yet, with all these feats, Moore got a strong foundation in the game from his early years spent with the Easts. This strong foundation was instrumental in equipping him with the skills that bore the successes experienced throughout his career. 

Andrew Smith

Smith played in the Super Rugby, for state teams, and senior sides during his active years. For professional-level games, he was active between 2007 and 2014, playing the role of the centre. However, before that, he got a proper introduction to the game from his time with the Easts Rugby Union. It was while at the Easts that he honed the skills that were instrumental throughout his career. For the Super Rugby, he played with the Brumbies. He played at Montpellier and Munster for the provincial and state tournaments, while at the senior level, he represented the Central Coast Rays.

John Harrison

John Harrison is a veteran rugby player who played in the Super Rugby, the senior levels, and the national team, where he played in the national team and later served as coach. During his active years, he played the role of lock forward. He was with the Brumbies and later the Waratahs before returning to the Brumbies for his Super Rugby time. During his senior career, he spent time across RC Narbonne, Bath Rugby, and Ulster Rugby. He was coach of the Brumbies. However, he spent his earliest years in the game at East Rugby Union.

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