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The Committee

The Committee

Being the prestigious organisation that it is, running and managing East Rugby Union is quite complex. For there to be smooth running of the club, many persons and processes have to be involved. To oversee this is a committee of persons holding different key and strategic positions within the club. The committee oversees club matters that have to do with playing on the field and also off-field matters. 

Apart from seeing to the management and smooth operations of the club, the committee is also saddled with the responsibility to provide leadership in areas of strategy and planning in a bid to ensure the club’s continued success.

Members of the Committee

Members of the Committee

The committee is filled by members who hold crucial positions within the club. They include:


The president is the head of the committee and is chiefly responsible for the overall day-to-day running of the club. Amongst other things, the president will oversee everything from player welfare to planning and organising games. The president also acts as the face of the club at national and regional club associations. Apart from the above, the president is also the club's unofficial chief strategy officer, devising plans for the continuous success and growth of the club.

Club Secretary

At the head of administration is the Club Secretary. These include administering official matters, official record-keeping, correspondences, and public relations, and more.

Vice President

The vice president is the deputy head of the committee and acts in the stead of the president in the latter's unavailability. In most cases, the vice president also performs the same roles as the president. These include being a club representative, helping with strategy development, and assisting in the club's day-to-day operations.

Director, Sponsorship

To ensure the smooth operations of East Rugby Union, there is a need for funding for the club. Such funds will be expended on staff and player welfare, maintenance purposes, capital projects, executing strategic plans, and much more. One of the key sources of such funding is sponsorship from brands. In charge of securing and overseeing such partnerships and sponsorships is the Director, Sponsorship. This role is quite important because East Rugby Union has a high-profile brand image and will always be attractive to businesses.

Director, Community Rugby and Brumbies Liaison

East Rugby Union does not exist in isolation. We are first and foremost a community-centred club, and thus we are always connected to our immediate community. We do this through engagements, local competitions, sponsorships, and much more. Overseeing all of these is the Director, Community Rugby and Brumbies Liaison.

Director, Players Representative

Players are one of the most important segments of East Rugby Union, if not the most important. Thus, it is expected that they have their interests given adequate attention. To advance these interests, other things that have to do with players are the Players' Representative. By being an important member of the committee, the players get to have their say in whatever decision-making the club does. Other members of the committee include the Rugby Manager and the Registrar.

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