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Coaching Staff

Our Coaching Staff

Our Coaching Staff

East Rugby Union has been known for excellence both on and off the field of play. While this is usually attributed to the team of talented players that we are known for, the fact is that there are other important participants as well. Chief amongst these are the Coaching Staff. 

They include:

First Grade Coach

For each rugby team, there are usually different grades. The different grades represent varying levels of advancement in the game. At the top is the First Grade, which is the top-flight tournament.

In charge of this team is the First Grade Coach. Other grades also have their coaches. In most teams, however, the First Grade Coach is in charge of the First Grade team. He usually acts as the general coach of the entire team, covering all the different grades and levels.  

Amongst other things, the First Grade Coach is largely responsible for the performance of East Rugby Union, not only in the First Grade but across all grades. As a result, it is quite a crucial role, if not the most important.

Some of the roles that the First Grade Coach perform include:

The First Grade Coach is responsible for coming up with a strategy to guide the continuous growth and development of the club. For one, such a strategy will focus on success in the field of play. Amongst other things, the First Grade Coach will decide how the team is designed. The Coach determines which players fill each role or position and what style of play the team will adopt. The Coach is always at liberty to work with anyone to come up with the best strategies. 

Also, the Coach is responsible for choosing which players are to be acquired to boost the squad, which officers should be hired, amongst other hiring decisions.

After coming up with the designs and plans, they must be carefully and painstakingly implemented. The Coach is also responsible for overseeing it. To achieve efficiency, the coach is reasonably expected to work with others in ensuring that the strategies are brought into reality.

Beyond the work of brainstorming and planning, the Coach is also charged with regular, everyday tasks. The Coach is to oversee the direct everyday operations of the squad. While performing this task, the Coach is to see issues like players’ welfare and the welfare of the staff placed directly under the Coach.

Above all, the Coach provides leadership to the team. The Coach is charged with ensuring that the vibrancy and rigour of the team are sustained for the long term. He works closely with the Club Management Committee to decide on issues that the culture of excellence in the team is maintained.

2. Second Grade Coach

The Second Grade Coach oversees the Second Grade level of the team. This team faces others in second-tier tournaments across the country. The Coach is responsible for the technical management of the team, amongst others.

3. Third Grade Coach

There is a further third grade, and in charge of this grade is the Third Grade Coach. Apart from technical management, the Third Grade Coach has a lot of work centring around talent development.

4. Club Physiotherapist

Being a highly physically exerting sport, rugby leads to quite a lot of players sustaining injuries. Thus the need for a properly trained physiotherapist amongst the direct coaching staff. Apart from treatments, the Club Physiotherapist oversees the physical fitness and well-being of the players.

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