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Who We Are

About Us

The Eastern Rugby Union Club, otherwise known as the Easts, traces its history as far back as 1938. It was one of the earliest clubs to play in the Rugby Union Premier Division of the Australian Capital Territory and has remained so till date. It is the only foundation club still active. 

Our base is located at Bottomley Park in Coorparoo, Brisbane. In this park are top-notch sporting, social and other facilities geared towards giving users the best of experience.

What We Stand For

What We Stand For

Over the years, East Rugby Union has quite differentiated itself and has become specifically known for some things. These values have greatly shaped our activities, ventures, and projects over the years. Some of those values include:

Talent Development

We are heavily involved in the discovery, nurture, and development of rugby talents. We serve as a launchpad for the new talents. Over time the club has been instrumental in developing the game of rugby, not only in Australia but also worldwide. The players groomed in the Easts have gone on to much more advanced levels of the game, both at the club and national levels. These players have featured in top-flight tournaments, such as the Super Rugby and with senior sides. Several of them have also represented the country in international competitions, and some have even been instrumental in winning top-level trophies such as the Rugby World Cup. Popular names in this category include George Gregan, Matthew Giteau, and Guy Shepardson, amongst many others. In all, the successes bagged by these players can be attributed to the grooming they received from the Easts Rugby Club. While at Easts, they were equipped with skills that remained instrumental throughout their careers. Encouraged by the successes achieved by these stars, we are always on the lookout for fresh talent that we can groom to do even much better.


Easts Rugby Union is more than a Club. We are an impact-driven member of the larger society, and it is our ultimate aim to improve our immediate communities. In pursuance of this goal, we are involved in several charitable engagements geared towards bettering the plight of others. All of these are predicated on our belief that one of the noblest things we can do as individuals is to contribute to making the lives of others better. The fact is that working towards improving the situation of our communities is a way towards making society conducive for ourselves.


We cannot achieve all our different goals of impacting our communities and discovering and developing talents in isolation. We strongly believe that we will best achieve these goals when we work with others. As a result, we have entered into partnerships with strategic organisations that will enable us to achieve these goals. These organisations also share the same goals with us. The organisations in question include civil society groups, community development groups, non-governmental organisations, and even individuals. In most cases, these entities are positioned to do the work better than we are. Hence, the partnerships.

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