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Official Page of the East Rugby Union Football Club Canberra Australia

The Eastern Rugby Union Club, otherwise known as the Easts, traces its history as far back as 1938. It was one of the earliest clubs to play in the Rugby Union Premier Division of the Australian Capital Territory and has remained so till date. It is the only foundation club still active. Our base is located at Bottomley Park in Coorparoo, Brisbane. In this park are top-notch sporting, social and other facilities geared towards giving users the best of experience.



Being the prestigious organisation that it is, running and managing East Rugby Union is quite complex. For there to be smooth running of the club, many persons and processes have to be involved. To oversee this is a committee of persons holding different key and strategic positions within the club. The committee oversees club matters that have to do with playing on the field and also off-field matters. 

Our local partners

Our local partners

Coaching Staff

East Rugby Union has been known for excellence both on and off the field of play. While this is usually attributed to the team of talented players that we are known for, the fact is that there are other important participants as well.

Play with Easts

At East Rugby Union, we have upheld many values over the years that have helped us grow into the leading brand that we are. Yet, we are always on the lookout for talents. There are a lot of benefits to be derived from playing at East Rugby Union

East Reps And Alumni

One of the things we prioritise at the Easts Rugby Union is the discovery and development of talents. Over time, we have groomed future stars of the game, many of which have gone on to top-flight tournaments to achieve amazing feats.


East Rugby Union is much more than a Club. It is a responsible citizen and an active participant in society. One of the factors that have ensured the club remains relevant over the years is that it gives itself to the community. To achieve this, we work with a lot of volunteers.

Game Day

A lot of our games are played at our home stadium. However, we also go for “away matches,” where we visit the home stadiums of other clubs to be played against them. For our game lineups, they are usually outlined in the fixtures and announced in the media. However, our fixtures are determined by the specific tournaments and competitions we are involved in at a particular time. Our home and away games operate on a rotational basis and is organised by a leading committee who plan the locations prior to the start of the season. To receive more information regarding season matches, feel free to contact us via our online message forum. 


We are currently located in Brisbane at Bottomley Park in Coorparoo. Here, we have provided a lot of facilities geared at giving our athletes and members the best training and sporting experience. The area also situated with facilities catering to ample social and commercial facilities for functions and corporate events. 

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